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Madison Broadcasting Company

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Madison Broadcasting Company (MBC) has been part of the Madison Culture for fourteen years. MBC began when the school site was built out in 2002 and has become an important and influential channel of communication between students, staff, and parents at Madison. Since it's conception in 2002, the program has evolved from broadcasting LIVE within the school boundaries to streaming LIVE online in the Fall of 2016. The student run program, introduces students to real world learning about cinematography and simulates a small TV production studio. Students learn how to work together as a team, rotate leadership and crew roles, improvise, and handle unforeseen situations that arise while producing a LIVE entertainment newscast. Student leadership guide their team to decide on themes and student writers integrate the theme with student produced videos.

Madison's TV and Video Productions, a career exploration and elective class, provide students with an engaging and challenging learning environment that allows the exploration and acquisition of career and advanced technology skills. Ultimately, mid-year this class becomes a student run program, therefore, this course requires that each student take the initiative and the responsibility for his/her own learning and actively participate as a team to produce quality LIVE broadcasts.

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