Do you need to meet with your Academic Advisor or School Counselor but haven't been able to stop by and see  them? Click on the link below and the Academic Advisors & School Counselor will be notified you need to see them.  

joanne Cross (760) 940-0176 ex: 62005 Counseling secretary

The Guidance Secretary is the first point of contact for parents and students enrolling in Madison Middle School. Transcript requests should also be made to the secretary. Should you have any questions regarding enrollment, transferring to another school, or transcript requests, please contact the counseling secretary Joanne Cross at extension 62005 during office hours or by email at

ACADEMIC ADVISORs/School Counselors
Dea Rivera (760) 940-0176 ex: 62007 Last Names A - L
Patty Swift  (760) 940-0176 ex: 62008 Last Names M - Z

Academic Advisors help students reach their educational and career goals by providing students with information and resources to help them succeed in reaching their individual goals.  They can assist in this process by helping students create an educational plan, understand their options, determine resources and, when necessary identify alternatives. 

Academic Advisors work with parents, students and teachers to assist students in meeting their individual needs through individual meetings, group presentations, and leading parent-teacher-student conferences. Academic advisors meet with students struggling in academics as well as students seeking academic guidance and planning throughout the school year.  Their duties include most aspects involved with academic planning, career guidance, and placement testing as required.

Although making an appointment is advised, students are always welcome to stop in to see their academic advisor during non-class time if they have questions or need assistance. 

If you have questions or concerns related to a student's academic performance, your Academic Advisor will do her best to assist you in meeting the needs of your children.


Madison Middle School has a School Counselor on site every day.

The School Counselor works with students in the following areas:

  • Short Term Individual Counseling

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Small Group Counseling

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons

  • Community Resource Referrals

  • Conflict Mediation

  • College & Career Month Activities

  • The Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) Program

Students may be referred by a teacher, staff member, parent, or self-referred.  If the counselor is unavailable, students should fill out a student counseling referral form with Mrs. Douglas or another office staff member.  If it is an urgent request, possible abuse, neglect, threat to self or others, the School Counselor will be contacted and student will be seen the same day.  

You may contact your academic advisors/school counselors -  Mrs. Dea Rivera through email at or Mrs. Patty Swift at, or you may call the school at (760) 940-0176 during the hours of 8-3:30.


Q - What's the difference between School Loop and Parent Portal?

-  The parent portal should be used for the following:

  • Annual online summer re-registration is available via the portal, saving time and eliminating the need to complete the large traditional paper packet.
  • Emergency contact information can be updated at any time
  • Real-time period-by-period attendance data
  • Medical information can be viewed and updated
  • The following can be viewed and printed at any time:
    • Report cards and unofficial transcripts
    • Test scores, including college test scores
    • Class schedules
    • Graduation status reports​

​School Loop may be used to:

  • View homework assignments
  • View current quarter course grades/homework/test scores
  • View attendance from the previous day
  • Receive daily email with grades and homework assignments
  • Email teachers through Loop Mail; individually or as a group
  • View school news postings
  • Access teacher websites

Q - What is a progress report?

- The purpose of a progress report is for teachers to be able to communicate with parents when a student may be struggling in class whether it is a lower than average grade or below satisfactory work habits or citizenship. The purpose of this reporting is to describe students’ progress in meeting the district’s learning and behavioural expectations for each marking period.  

The progress report is intended to inform parents about their child’s learning progress and successes and to give guidance for improvement efforts when needed. Progress reports are sent at the midpoint of each quarter and do not go on the student's permanent record (transcript).

Q - How do I access my child's grades on the parent portal?

A - Once you sign in to the parent portal and select your student (if you have more than one), click on 'Grades'.  Your child's current year grades will show for each quarter and progress reporting period (if a progress report was sent).  If you click on 'PRINT", a report will be generated with your child's grades and current comments (if any).

Q - Why does the parent portal show a different grade than School Loop?

A - There may be more than one explanation for this.  Firstly, check to see if there is more than one grade for a particular quarter for the subject in question.  If there is a grade in both columns, your child likely received a progress report during the quarter which is a temporary grade.  All final grades that are included on the student's actual transcript are those showing in the 2nd column for each quarter.  Another reason may be that the School Loop grades posted are not the final grades.  School Loop stops importing and updating grades at the end of the quarter in order to allow for the new quarter grade books to be set up.  Teachers may still update grades for missing test scores or assignments not shown on school loop but for which are included in the students final quarter grade shown on the Parent Portal.