Color Guard is a Performing Arts program that teaches and executes the skills of dance, and equipment such as colorful flags, riffles, and sabers. The VHS Color Guard is well known in California, placing first in many competitions and continuously medaling. This year the Color Guard obtained Sweepstakes with a score of 90.2 (The highest score of the season in our division), and we are known as the top Color Guard in the Double A division at the moment. Color Guard is a great extracurricular to make and meet friends, have fun and create memories, and take part in a program instead of PE! During the Fall, First Semester we are a part of the Band, where we take part in Field Season Competitions, and then in the second semester Winter/Spring, we take part in Winter Guard, where it's only the Color Guard competing in competitions. Auditions are April 12-14, no experience needed, and bring your friends!! We accept and love all people, girls and boys! 
The link to the Vista High School Field Season Performance at RBV, where the Color Guard got 1st Place:
Here is another video like of the Vista High School Color Guard at a Winter Guard Performance this year, where the Color Guard Placed 1st Place:
Here is another Winter Guard performance of a LOVE Show:

Color Guard