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If there are any questions please contact the health office.

Thank you!


California State law requires that each student between grades 7 through 12 receive a Tdap vaccine. Students who do not bring us proof of Tdap vaccine will not be able to start school. Absences due to missing immunization will be considered unexcused. If you have any questions please contact our school nurse, Ms. Rumbold, at 760-940-0176, ext. 2021 or for attendance questions you may contact our attendance clerk, Ms. Cisar, at ext. 2009. We thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.

6th graders: You don't have to wait until 7th grade registration to bring us proof of your shot! As soon as you have your Tdap vaccine please bring proof for our school nurse so you can be cleared.


Student release during the school day will be standardized and is as follows:

  • Students shall be released during the school day only to the custody of an adult in possession of a valid, government issued photo identification card and if:
    • The adult is the student's custodial parent/guardian
    • The adult has been authorized on the student's emergency card as someone to whom the student may be released with authorization from the custodial parent/guardian or when the custodial parent/guardian cannot be reached, and the principal or designee verifies the adult's identity
    • The adult is an authorized law enforcement officer acting in accordance with law
    • The adult is taking the student to emergency medical care at the request of the principal or designee

We want to thank our community for sharing this value of safety, and though some of procedures may take some getting used to, they are for the benefit of our students, staff, and parents.

For more detailed information please click on the following link to be redirected to our district message.


Reminder for all parents:

It is very important to follow district policy for ALL medications brought to school for the safety of our students.

Medications may NOT be sent to school with students in plastic bags; it is a danger to all students as someone else may come into possession of another person's prescription and may either take it themselves or give it to another student.

All medications coming to Madison MUST have a written authorization from the physician and a parent signature, in the original container, and MUST be kept in the nurse' office unless otherwise ordered by the physician.


Prevent Meningococcal Disease and Detect It Early

Since January of this year, there have been an unusually large number of cases of meningococcal disease (caused by the "meningococcus' bacteria) in Tijuana, Mexico. Most cases have been in children and young adults. Meningococcal disease can result in death if not detected and treated early.

Here is what you can do to prevent meningococcal disease and to detect it early:

  1. Know the symptoms: fever, intense headache, lethargy, stiff neck, and/or a pinpoint rash that does not blanch under pressure.
  2. Contact your doctor when these symptoms are present.
  3. Get the meningococcal vaccine. The vaccine (known to doctors as MCV4) is recommended for all children between the ages of 11 and 18 years. The first dose should be given at age 11 or 12 years. A booster dose can be given at age 16 years. The vaccine is recommended for some adults: those who travel to certain areas where there are very high rates of meningococcal disease (mainly Sub-Saharan Africa), military recruits, college-age students living in dormitories, and adults with certain health conditions.
  4. Use good hygiene. Frequent hand washing is important. Bacteria can be spread through coughing and sneezing. When a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your own elbow or sleeve (NOT into your hand).
  5. Saliva can spread the infection. Do not share food or beverages. Do not share water bottles, eating utensils, lipstick or lip balm. Adults must not share cigarettes or pipes.
  6. Travelers. If you are traveling to Tijuana, be aware of the recent reports of meningococcal disease. Promptly seek care for suggestive symptoms.

For reliable information on meningococcal disease, go to the following website:

Please take the time to read the letter from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency regarding a recent outbreak of meningitis. Click here to open the letter.

For more detailed reliable information on meningococcal disease, go to the following website:


Regarding Student Accident Insurance, the Student Accident Insurance Parent Brochure is on our district website via the following link.


For this reason latex balloons are not allowed anywhere on campus; however, Mylar balloons are allowed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We are always in need of Hidden Valley Granola Bars, Capri Sun juices, and saltine crackers. Students who come into the health office sometimes are hungry or low on energy, or have stomach aches-these snacks provide just what they need to return to class.
Thank you in advance for your support!
Nurse Susan


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