7:15 – 3:30 Monday thru Friday


8:15 – 9:05 Mondays; 7:15 – 8:05 Tuesday thru Friday

Library hours are not regular and are subject to change daily. Changes and times are always posted on the schedule located on the front door of the library.

Students can search library books through the online public access catalog (OPAC) available 24/7!

Library Resources Looking for an eBook or researching a topic?  Use your CloudConnect account to access the following: •MMS Digital Library •Britannica School •EBSCO • •Follett Destiny (with more eBooks) OR Here is a link for free online eBooks from the Junior Library Gild (Middle School) AND NO LOGIN REQUIRED!

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•No Food or Drink

•Please use your Library Manners

•Check the Library Schedule on the door for open hours

•Do not shelve library books

•Pick up after yourself

•School work only on computers

•No Phones

•YA titles require a permission slip

•A student ID is required to check out library items

•Return or Renew items by the due date

•Overdue items prevents borrowing privileges

•Return classroom novels and textbooks directly to librarian

Library Computer RulesSuggest a book purchase

Troubleshoot Your Chromebook Use this PDF GUIDE to fix common Chromebook problems such as these: •Chromebook Won't Turn on or is Not Loading •Battery Won't Charge 
•Sound Doesn't Work 
•Chromebook is Slow 
•Resetting Browser Settings 
•Language Change



To receive a Chromebook, if your student requires it at home, parents must first complete the Parent Student Agreement and either pay or waive the $20 Device Cost Protection Plan. Please note the following: •Devices do not come with a hot spot.
•Chromebook loaners are not given to students.
•The Device Cost Protection Plan can only be purchased before and cannot be purchased after a Chromebook is checked out to a student.
•The Mobile Device Cost Protection Plan (MDCPP) cost of $20 will remain in place for each school year.  Families that choose to keep the same device for multiple school years will need to purchase the optional MDCPP on an annual basis.
•The current school year Device Cost Protection Plan ends on June 30th.  Families that plan to use the device during the Summer will need to pay for the next school year  prior to leaving for the Summer.  Families will not receive a second notification.
•All Eighth Graders must return their devices at the end of the school year.
•The Device Cost Protection Plan covers only 2 repairs a year and the rest will be paid out of pocket.

For more information, visit the District's IT site: