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Mission, Vision, & Values


The mission of Madison is to create a community of problem solvers and thinkers.

Our faculty commitment to our students:
•Build strong foundational skills 
•Set appropriate, measurable goals 
•Monitor progress and provide feedback
•Reinforce self reflection
•Expand perspectives
•Create opportunities to use empathy to understand the world
•Model how to persevere
•Facilitate the discovery of passions and talents


Madison is the model of educational excellence, innovation, and preparing students for jobs of the future.

Mustang Values


At Madison we are considerate, kind, and encouraging in words and actions towards ourselves, others, our campus, and our community.




At Madison we take control of our own education by being ready to learn, making the right choices, being willing to ask for help, and never giving up.




At Madison everyone belongs. We show this by accepting and celebrating differences, practicing empathy, working together, and supporting one another.