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If your student has any food allergies, insect sting allergies, or other allergies that we should know about here at school, please notify the health office.

If your physician has prescribed medication for your student in the event of an allergic reaction, we can assist, following the medication guidelines. Have your health care provider complete and sign the Allergic Reactions Care Plan Authorization. Parent signature is required on the plan as well.

It is the parent's responsibility to provide an EpiPen or any other required medications.

For students with special meal requirements, please have your child's physician complete the following form: Special Meals Accommodation Form


If your child has a specific health condition, please notify the school each year when you complete the Emergency Information Card. In addition, please notify the school health office in person or writing should your child's health status change. It is important for your child's well being and safety at school to have current information that might impact their learning environment while at school

Please complete the entire Emergency Card to the best of your ability and provide at least two emergency contacts.

Health information may be shared with any school staff that might be in contact with your child on a regular basis; for example, teachers, bus drivers, playground supervisors, office staff, counselors, or other staff as deemed necessary.

It may be helpful to communicate with your student's health care provider to coordinate services for school. An AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OR DISCLOSURE OF HEALTH INFORMATION TO SCHOOL DISTRICTS form (el formulario en español) will allow this communication.


Our school nurse will assist you to plan for your student's safety during the school day.
It is important that we have physician and parents' authorization signatures for diabetes management for ALL students with diabetes before each new school year begins.

If your student is able to do self-care, the physician may indicate that on the form. We recognize that some students are knowledgeable and competent with managing their diabetes and that others need assistance. We are able to provide support in any way needed.

  • Have your student's physician complete the PARENT CONSENT AND PHYSICIAN AUTHORIZATION and return it before classes begin.
  • Be sure to send in any necessary medication, equipment, and snacks to the school Health Office prior to the start of the school year and as needed throughout the year.
  • It is important to have a supply of emergency glucose sources and snacks for hypoglycemia leading to loss of consciousness or during a natural disaster.

Parent Consent and Physician Authorization for Management of Diabetes at School


We are happy to assist your child with medications needed at school; however, we request that the guidelines of the California Education Code and VUSD policy be followed. These guidelines include.

  1. The parent/guardian's written request on the VUSD medication authorization form.

  2. A physician's authorization detailing the amount of the medication, the method and time schedules by which the medication is to be taken.

  3. This includes ALL medications (prescription, over-the-counter, and vitamin and herbal preparations.)

  4. Physician and parent authorizations must be updated annually or more frequently if there is any change in the medication, dosage, or time schedule.

  5. The medicine is to be in the original container.

  6. A designated adult is to bring the medication to school.

  7. School personnel are not able to administer any medications without the written authorization of both the physician and parent.

  8. Please do not bring in any medication until these authorizations have been completed.

  9. Students are allowed to self-carry certain medications with parent and physician specific written approval

Note: At the end of the school year, parents are asked to pick up all medications.

Medications left more than one week after the school year ends will be destroyed.

Schools will be closed in July. Please pick up medications prior to that time.

Click here for form: Authorization for Medication Administration

As long as forms are completely filled out and signed by all designated parties, you can fax them over to us at 760-940-2081, ATTN: Nurse's office


Please follow the medication guidelines and have the student's health care provider complete the authorization form for use of asthma medications at school. Parent signature is required on the plan as well.

Click here to download the Asthma Medication Authorization form.