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Site Based Decision Making Team


SBDMT Agenda



Attendance: Nauman, DeGeer, Wheelock, Wilson, Andersen, Payton, Ford, Moffett, Boring, Montgomery, Scheffel, Shannon

1.  Call meeting to order-- 4:00


2.  Approve April Minutes

Degeer- motion to approve-- Boring - seconded--  Motion passed

3.  Sports jerseys and Hat Policy - Joel

Re-evaluate hat and jersey policy-- can we relax the policy?

Susan F--Hat policy- hats are a way to identify whether or not the student is a Madison student.  Safety concerns with allowing students to wear any hat other than black or Madison.

Jersey’s--It will probably be allowed next year with the stipulation that if issues arise the privilege will be revoked. Susan F will check with other schools to see how other schools are dealing with Professional Sports Jersey’s and whether they are allowed to wear at school.


4.  Library Hours/ quiet use time - Susan

lIbrary quiet time -- some students have noticed morning is too noisy in library for kids to work-- many kids are gaming

7:30-8:30-- library open for quiet study-- after 8:30 kids can start gaming

Possibly Learning Center to be used for quiet study time

Get more information about cell phone policy then determine needs-- perhaps more students will do their gaming on phones outside if allowed.


5.  We will be on a semester system next year.   Quarter mark

   Progress reports.  Conferences for C-, D, F students - Susan

This policy is in effect for 16-17 school year.  Any student in jeopardy of failing needs parent to be notified in enough time to raise their grade before the semester.


6.  Electives being loaded with large groups of Special Ed students.   - staff member Elective/SpEd students

Placement in electives -- SpEd teacher will utilize spreadsheet to monitor numbers in elective classes-- need administrative input and oversight to monitor the numbers.

Sped teachers should evenly distribute their caseloads in electives, not cluster large groups together

Gen ed teachers should communicate to sped dept if they notice high numbers of sped students in a class

Also was mentioned that sometimes 12 SpEd students at a time is too much for one aide.  That is a staffing issue.


Debi will take some of these issues to VTA and the SpEd Task force.


7.  Strategies for behavioral frequent flyers.   Plans for next year?-staff member/Debi

Will teachers be informed regarding the students that need to be monitored closely? If they are currently identified as a “high flyer “ (frequent warnings for behavior) -- will that be communicated to next year teachers? No. Word of mouth only

Interventions in place:

Susan reported that students will be in “villages” next year with 4 teachers which will make interventions easier.

Family Leadership Institute-- training parents next year

Possibly school wide training for restorative practices or similar

If you find that you have kids that should not be in classes together teachers should communicate to AP as soon as they become aware.

Susan will contact S Hargrave regarding restorative practice training


8.  Can we look into Motion sensor hand sanitizers for student bathrooms  since there is often no soap(the kids are draining it onto the floor) or hot water to cut down on germs?-staff member/Debi

Reported to Debi --- custodian will check soap supply more often

The custodians did not feel the motion sensor would help or be cost effective.

Teachers bathroom/ and kitchen soap dispensers need attention. Dispensers can be bacteria filled if not cleaned out regularly.

Hand Sanitizer is available in warehouse catalog for teachers to have a classroom supply

Susan is checking with custodian for information regarding soap issue


9.  Events sub committee to meet May 12,13,18,19, or 20 at 3:45 Certificated staff only for weighting events per contract-volunteers,

for committee-Debi

Events are the same for next year.  SBDMT will form a Sub committee for weighting events ---Renshaw, Nauman, Wheelock, Ford, Diaz ….May  18 will meet


10.  Cell phone pilot for 8th grade-who is gathering data, BIG?

Eliminate or Keep  8th grade only or add 7 for next year?

Staff input/survey?-Debi

SBDMT will gather data ….not BIG

Gather data-- input from entire staff is needed

Gather student data-- Moffett sub committee create google form survey for students

Noon duties -- we would like for them to have input-- Admin will ask

Boring will ask PTA parents for response

SBDMT members will go back to teams to gather information from staff about Pilot phone use after they receive survey information….to discuss at the May 24 PLC

Plan for next year is to continue current practice until data is analyzed and a policy is determined.  Handbook will be adapted..something like “Cell phones are only allowed with permission.”

Suggested--Tech assembly needed at beginning of year.  Staff felt assembly was valuable for students.



ELAC Report-April

PTA Report-April



1.   2016-2017 First Meeting-11:00 am August 16...  calendar invites already sent


Adjourn 5:08