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To schedule appointments with one of the APs or for general questions/information please contact:

Mrs. Clem   

Assistant Principal's Secretary

at (760) 940-0176, ext. 2015 or valclem@vistausd.org



Student breakdown:

Ms. Gray Rios (A-G & ELD) - michellegray@vistausd.org

Mrs. Diaz (H-Z) - aprildiaz@vistausd.org

Dress-code Policy

Student Dress-code

Madison Middle School students are expected to dress neatly and cleanly at all times.  For various reasons such as safety and disruptions to the learning environment, certain apparel is not permitted.

In keeping with the goals of the exemplary achievement for academics, athletics, leadership, sociability, and responsibility, we also expect the students to model acceptable appearance. Therefore, the following dress and appearance policy has been established to clarify expectations and guidelines, while giving students the ability to be comfortably attired and the opportunity to express individuality. This policy is designed to minimize disruption and reflects law enforcement recommendations for safety, as well as community expectations.

Inappropriate clothing includes but is NOT limited to: 

Ø Excessively short skirts or shorts.

Ø Strapless, backless, bare-midriff, or extremely low-cut tops, or tops with spaghetti straps.

Ø Tank top shoulder straps must measure at least two inches in width. 

Ø Muscle man T-shirts, bare midriff shirts.

Ø Clothing revealing any part of undergarments, including bra straps or boxer shorts.

Ø Clothing revealing any part of the stomach, midriff, chest or buttocks, excessively tight clothing, or clothing made from sheer or loosely woven fabrics.

Ø Clothing depicting or promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs or sex or violence.

Ø Clothing which contains profanity, vulgarity, nudity, obscenity or offensive logos, symbols or slogans.

Ø Clothing which is degrading to any cultural, sexual or religious values.

Ø Clothing which promotes racial segregation or superiority.

Ø Jewelry or accessories which display studs, spikes, replica weapons, or drug paraphernalia, or which may pose a threat to student safety such as toe rings or large hoop earrings.

Ø Wallet chains which are longer than 6 inches.

Ø Sandals, slippers, open-toed shoes, spiked heels and steel-toed shoes.

Ø Hats, caps, hairnets, “do-rags”, wave caps, bandannas, hoods, beanies, visors, or other head coverings except (1) unaltered school logo items and (2) sun-protective wear specifically approved by school officials to be worn outside only.

Ø Any other attire determined by school administration to be a classroom or campus distraction, hazardous or inappropriate and specifically identified as such.

 In general, clothing must be clean, modest, appropriate, and in good repair.

Decisions regarding the appropriateness of clothing will be handled by the principal or assistant principal.  Students dressed inappropriately will be immediately required to change clothes.  In the event there is a concern regarding clothes or appearance, parents may call the school.

Absolutely NO gang-related attire is permissible: 

Our local law enforcement has identified the following clothing as gang-related attire, which is a violation of the dress code. These include, but are not limited to: 

Ø Unhemmed shorts below the knees

Ø Extra long T-shirts worn on the outside

Ø Plaid shirts worn on the outside and buttoned at the neck

Ø Clothing or accessories exhibiting professional sport team names or logos

Ø Cloth belts with metal buckles that have initials stamped on or through them

Ø Long belts with the end hanging down in front

Ø Pants which are slit or frayed at the cuff

Ø Bandanas hanging from pockets or clothing

Ø Excessively oversized, baggy or sagging pants, or pants that drag on the ground

Ø Articles personalized with gang-related writing, names symbols or gothic lettering

Ø Other items deemed by school administration, in consultation with law enforcement, to indicate gang affiliation

 The principal or designee maintains emergency authority to declare any new specific attire as gang-related, working in conjunction with the local sheriff.   If any item is added to the list, all students will be duly notified (e.g. student bulletin, parent newsletter, etc.).